Monday, March 13, 2023

E-Services & Best Practices : At A Glance

M. S. P. Mandal's

Arts, Commerce and Science College, Kille-Dharur

Library and Information Canter

E-Services & Best Practices

1. Library Blog

2. Literature Search Service through E-mail

3. Web OPAC

4. NDLI Club

5. Digital news Paper Clipping

6. Library Portal

7.  Effective use of E-resources

8. Effective Use of NDLI

9. Effective use of INFLIBNET

10. Application of QR Codes

Library Blog 

Commencement    :  June 2020

Aim                        :  To Provide E-services for the academic stakeholders

Objectives             :  To enhance the E- services for the library users

Visitors                 :  More than 35,000

Literature Search Service

E-mail                          : 

Commencement          :  Jan. 2018.

Aim                             :  To save the Time of Users.

Objectives                   :  To search article on topic as per needs of users.

                                         To send list of relevant article.

Uses                              : 137 Users


Commencement  :  2017

Aim                       To know availability of library books anywhere anytime

Objective             To search of book on Title, Author, Publication & Publication Year

Visitors                :  More than 9127


Commencement  :  2022

Aim                       To aware about National Digital Library of India

Objectives            To publish activities on Global Level thruogh NDLI Club

Members             :  120

Effective Use       :

Digital news Paper Clipping

Commencement  :  2022

Aim                       To read College news in digital Format

Objectives            To publish  news on College Website

Library Portal

Commencement  :  2022

Aim                       To know about facilities & services of College Library

Objective             To provide information through library portal.

Effective use of E-resources

Commencement  :  2020

Aim                       To effective use of E-resources

Objective              To aware & guide to the users of the databases. 

Effective Use of NDLI

Commencement  :  2021

Aim                       To aware about NDLI resources

Objective              To assist  the users towards use of E-resources

Effective use of INFLIBNET

Commencement  :  2021

Aim                       To aware about INFLIBNET resources

Objective              To assist the users towards use of INFLIBNET resources

Application of QR Codes

Commencement  :  2021

Aim                       To use of QR Code for enhance E-services

Objective              To effective use of library services through QR Code

                                  E-services & E-resources use effectively & Speedily